Purchase Agreement & Warranty

Purchase Agreement & Warranty

This agreement governs the sale of the following

Maine Coon:Litter Registration #: ____________________________

Date of Birth: _________________________________


Color: _______________________________________

Sire: _________________________________________

Dam: _________________________________________

Kitten is being sold for: __________________________


(Deposits are non-refundable)


Buyer's Name: _________________________________

Address: ______________________________________

City: ____________________________

State and Zip Code: _____________________________

Phone Number: _______________________________

The Conditions of This Sale Are As Follows:

1.) Buyer accepts the responsibility of caring for the kitten, and will provide for it's welfare. Buyer agrees to keep the kitten indoors in a clean and pleasant environment with proper nutrition, health care and companionship.

2.) Buyer agrees that if the cat/kitten is found to be neglected or mistreated the seller has the unconditional right to reclaim the cat/kitten WITHOUT A REFUND OF THE PURCHASE PRICE. The buyer will be responsible for all the veterinary bills directly incurred as the result of the neglect or mistreatment.

3.) The buyer agrees that the cat/kitten is only being sold as a pet, not for show or breeding. Your kitten MUST BE NEUTERED OR SPAYED before the age of 7 months, and also agrees the certification from a licensed veterinarian will be sent to the seller within 2 weeks of altering. If cat/kitten is found to be used for breeding, their will be an additional charger of $2,500 and the cat will not be able to breed again.

4.) Only kittens being sold with breeding/show rights will receive registration papers. Kittens sold as pets will not receive registration papers, unless special arrangements are made prior to the purchase of getting your kitty.

5.) Buyer agrees that under no circumstances will the cat/kitten be sold, leased, or given to any pet shop, animal shelter, or any similar facility. Should the buyer not be able to keep the animal for any reason it must be returned to the seller for placement without refund.

6.) This cat/kitten is guaranteed to be of sound health upon delivery or arrival and for a period of 72 hours thereafter if vetted within that time period. Failure to have the animal checked by a licensed veterinarian within 72 hours will void any guarantee. It is advised that the cat/kitten be quarantined during that 72 hour period. If found to be medically deficient with an untreatable or life threatening problem this must be reported to the seller immediately. Upon the animals return it will be replaced with another cat/kitten of equal value. The seller reserves the right to give a cash refund. If no replacement is available at the time of return the seller will have up to one year to furnish a comparable cat/kitten. The cat/kitten can not be returned for compensation after the guaranteed period has expired or the cat/kitten has been exposed to another cat/kitten. The seller will not honor any health guarantee if the cat/kitten dies of a virus from contact from another animal not bred in the cattery. The buyer agrees to provide immediate veterinary care if the cat/kitten shows any sign of distress, illness, or injury. Failure to do so will render the guarantee null and void. Under no circumstances is the cat/kitten to be destroyed prior to the notification by the buyer to the seller. If the cat/kitten dies within the guarantee period despite medical treatment compensation will be made only if a licensed veterinarian certifies the cause of death. It is the sellers right to ask for the cat/kitten to be returned for identification before providing replacement or any compensation. The seller is not responsible for any veterinary bills of this cat/kitten after leaving the sellers residence.

7.) This cat/kitten is guaranteed against congenital defects for one year, Should the animal die within that time as a direct result of a congenital defect the cat/kitten will be replaced only if a appropriate necropsy is performed by a licensed veterinarian and a veterinarian certificate is provided as proof of cause of death. A replacement will be made of a cat/kitten of comparable quality and value at the discretion of the seller. NO CASH REFUNDS.

8.) Seller has the unconditional right to reclaim the cat/kitten without refund for any breach of contract.

9.) Any legal action which may arise under the terms of this contract the buyer shall be liable for any court cost and related charges including attorney's fees associated with the seller enforcing the terms of this contract. This agreement is the entire agreement between the buyer and the seller.

In signing this document, the buyer acknowledges that he/she has read, fully understands and agrees to all the terms and conditions of the above sale.

IN WITNESS IN WITNESS WHEREOF, we each have signed this agreement on this day of : _________________

Signature of the Buyer:_____________________________________________

Signature of the Seller:_____________________________________________

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